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Sports Drinks, Should They Be Part of Your Diet and Exercise Program?

Author: Jeff Smith

You've seen the diet and exercise commercials featuring buff, perfectly tanned, healthy and happy young people doing extreme exercising replenishing themeselves with the latest sports drink.

You can't watch a sporting event in North America without seeing some sponsor reference to one of these power or sports drinks.

But how healthy are these drinks really? Should they part of your diet and exercise plans?

Starting with a formula of sugar, minerals and salt - the idea was to replace critical components of your body lost during prolonged, intense exercise programs.

Do you really need them to lose weight with your diet and excercise program?

First thing you should know is that the minerals replenished such as Potassium, are lost over a longer term of exercising - say more than 1-hour of intensive exercise.

Second, you ingest a great deal of sugar, carbohydrates and sodium in these drinks, which may not be beneficial to all those except the most extreme diet and exercise programs.

For example, taking a look at Gatorade, the first in a long line of sports drinks - we see that an average bottle contains a whopping 107Mg of sodium and 15.5g of carbs.

Powerade is more moderate on sodium at 31mg, but is higher in carbs at 22g

Reality is that for the average person who is doing no to moderate diet and exercise program, water is all they need to stay hydrated.

Sports drinks to those performing moderate diet and exercise programs will be consuming valuable calories as pure sugar resulting in more carbs.

Stick with water unless you are into high performance diet and exercise programs, and you will get the benefit of hydration without the excess sodium, sugar and carbs.

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