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Ultimate Weight Loss Motivation - Living Longer

Author: Jeff Smith

Are we using the right weight loss motivation techniques to stay focused on our weight loss programs? It's true, when most of us think of the need to lose weight, we think in terms of aesthetics, or how we look?

Our weight loss motivation is to imagine what we would look like if we could just lose 20lbs.

Unless we are stricken by illness, or told by our doctor to lose weight now, our weight loss goals tend to be to look better, feel better, attract more love and sex into our lives, gain social or career advantages, or defeat the effects of natural aging.

Indeed, this is the motivation for the majority of weight loss products and services that create a massive impact on the market.

The reality though is that we should also view being overweight as a strong risk factor for disease and ailments.

Shouldn't our weight loss motivation come from living a better, more healthy life? There are many diseases that have proven links with being overweight including: heart disease, forms of cancer, high blood pressure, auto-immune diseases such as arthritis, and emotional diseases such as depression - just to name a small few.

It's time that we expand our view on how important succeeding at weight loss is in terms of overall health and base our weight loss motivation on more than just looking better.

You control your ability to significantly lower the risk of disease in your life.

That should be an extremely powerful motivation behind succeeding at your weight loss program.

It does take some work though, since our nature is to focus on the immediate or short term gratification - which is our looks.

If you are having trouble achieving your weight loss goals, perhaps you have been using the wrong sources for motivation? Try spending some time learning about the impact on your overall health and longevity and using that as your weight loss motivation to help achieve your fat burning goals.

That may just be the hidden weight loss motivation you needed to get over the hump!

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