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Exercise Equipment; Secrets of Setting Up Your Own Home Gym

How about using that spot in your basement or spare bedroom for your own home gym? Sounds too good to resist, doesn’t it? You don’t need to worry about your dress code or experience the inability to fit a drive to your local gym into your tight schedule. The challenge everyone has is finding out what exercise equipment they should have for their home gym.

Before investing in exercise equipment

There are certain factors to look into before you go for the actual investment. When considering exercise equipment, think about factors such as maintenance, support, instruction, setup and delivery. Also pay attention to the kind of exercise equipment that best fit your exercise program.

Shopping around

Exercise equipment can be found and purchased in numerous places. From ‘tele shopping’ to specialty stores and departmental stores, exercise equipment is widely accessible.

But you must know that while buying through television channels can fetch very poor service, departmental stores can have poor demonstrative power. It is perhaps best to consider specialty stores. These not only hold the best bank of exercise equipments in both quality and range, but also often have a trainer to guide you. What more, you can even earn free tips from such ‘fit’ trainers.

Which exercise equipment can work wonder for you?

Judge yourself. Why do you want exercise equipment? For, health reasons (improving a particular organ’s functioning) or is it just to shed the extra layer of fat lining your body? These questions actually make a lot when it comes to selecting your exercise equipment.

Creating the ambience of a perfect ‘home gym’

First, choose a well-ventilated room, for placing your exercise equipment. Add surplus charm with a television or some rhythmic music. You can even hire a personal trainer if you have trouble sticking to your program. Remember your enjoyment is of primary importance to sustaining your motivation to exercise.

Some popular exercise equipment

Exercise equipment can carry a weight loss measurement. A measurement unit “MET” is used to refer to the calorie burned by the exercise equipments. One MET is equal to the energy exhausted when you are at rest. Treadmills, stationary bicycles, stair climbers, rowers, ski machines, aerobic riders, bike stand trainers, rubber bands and tubing and slide boards are the trendy ones. Price range can vary from $10 to $6000 depending upon the type and features of the machine.

Walking, running or jogging…

Match your preference for type of exercise with the proper exercise equipment. Treadmills are very popular but can be expensive. Aerobic Riders are great fat burners and priced from $199 to $ 499. Exercise equipment designed specifically for muscle building is another option open to you. Muscle building exercise equipment may cost as high as $6000. Whatever your exercise equipment preference one thing is for sure, you must bring the motivation and weight loss focus to reach your weight loss goals.

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