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Will You Lose Weight With The Latest Diet Books?

If you are ready to lose weight, stop people in the street with your incredible looks, and pump up your energy level, then this message will be the most important message you ever read!

Here's why?

3 Most Important Parts of any Diet Book!

While you will find each and every Diet Book an interesting and entertaining read, there are 3 very important areas you will learn about that you must know about if you are serious about losing weight and feeling better.

First, the Low-carb Diet Books make it clear that losing weight and living a healthy life is much more than just low-carb diets.

In fact, most diet books do not even provide guidelines for quantity of carbohydrates they recommend in their phased approaches (the stages where you can bring some carbohydrates back into your diet).

More emphasis is put on the glycemic index, (amount of glucose transferred to your body) by any single carbohydrate than the amount of carbs itself.

Another important thing you will learn is how other low-carb diets can actually reduce your ability to lose weight and increase your risk of other diseases.

Diet books emphasize good versus bad fats, an area that doesn't receive the same attention from other low-carb diets.

If your goal is to quickly and effectively lose weight, but also keep that weight off for years to come, then you must understand the link between glucose production, good versus bad fats and weight gain or loss.

Most leading diet books will give you that information.

Second, you need help with diet recipes and food advice.

To lose weight and maintain that weight loss, you need to know what to eat and how to turn your diet program into delicious, mouth-watering foods that will make you turn your head the other way when lured by foods you shouldn't eat.

Again, most low-carb diet books give you a ton of food ideas, recipes and extra help on how to practice the South Beach Diet program day-by-day. Ultimately, this is what will help you to be more successful with your weight loss goals.

Third, diet books suggest that for a diet plan to be effective, it has to fit in with normal lifestyle routines

Sure, you may change your habits for a week, maybe even two weeks, but the fact is -- you will not drastically change your habits for a lifetime and a diet book can't expect you to.

You will find that the leading diet books talk about normal meal sizes, normal foods, normal routines and normal recipes that can be practiced as part of the diet plan.

Of course, it is not a "do nothing" plan, but the idea is to focus on the most problematic areas of your diet, aim at small changes over time that not only lead to significant weight loss, but lead to an overall healthier lifestyle without making a complete 180-degree shift in how you live.

My impression of the leading diet books is that they are very attractive program for the average person who wants to drop between 10 and 30 pounds.

Of course there are no guaranteed results and you may lose more or less weight, but the plan is sound, there is plenty of motivation and practical advice on exactly what delicious foods you can eat to make the diet program a success.

Diet Books

Beach Diet Book
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