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Low Carbohydrate Diet Plan Your Ticket To Rapid Weight Loss

Use diet plans to increase your energy level, stay healthy and reduce the risk of weight gain without cutting down on carbohydrates and eating healthiest kinds of fat, along with fibrous foods.

Diet Plan

A well balanced diet plan is ideally, three meals and two snacks per day that includes Family-Friendly breakfast in the morning, Cheap and easy lunch for work and On the Run dinner in nights. If you still feel hungry then add snacks in-between to keep energy level going.

Calorie Chart

Breakfast         300-350 calories
Lunch & dinner    400-500 calories
Snacks            150-250 calories each

Secrets of keeping low carbohydrate Diet Plans

Eat your meals and snacks at a regular interval of 4 to 5 hours.
Eliminate sugar from your diet by cutting down sweetened beverages, fruit juice, cakes, cookies and candies as much possible.
Reduce intake of highly processed food. Instead add more unprocessed food into your diet to minimize the damage. Take more fruits and vegetables as they contain lots of fibers and fluids that adds to the bulk on your meal keeping you full.
Drink enough water in-between that helps proper digestion. Make sure not to have sugar- free flavoured water that has high artificial sweeteners. Rather make your own refreshing tastes by adding lemon, lime or slices of orange to the plain water.
For nutrition take a multivitamin/mineral supplement.

Low density food, the best part of a diet plan Our stomach is very sensitive to the volume of food intake rather than number of calories. Research shows that people tend to eat the same quantity of food on an average. By cutting down on the quantity of food intake by eating smaller portions than usual, daily calories slash from 2,500 to 1,500 and hence we are likely to feel hungry before the next meal and land up adding junk food in-between.

For example a big tomato contains low calories compared to its weight and hence falls into the group of low energy density food whereas foods like cheese, crackers and fatty meats contain a lot of calories relative to their weight and hence are high energy density foods. So according to a good diet plan, by taking low energy density foods like fruits and vegetables that contain lots of fiber and water we are adding bulk to the stomach and feel healthy and satisfying, whereas high energy density food keeps us hungry tending us to eat more to make our stomach full.

Advantages of Low energy density food

Low energy density food keeps you energized and makes you feel healthier by reducing bad carbohydrates and fat from your diet and hence reduce weight gain risk.
Low energy density food is high on fiber and water that adds bulk to our meals keeping us full.
Eat more and enjoy your favorite low energy density foods, still loose weight and stay energized and healthy
Stop feeling deprived of eating mouth-watering foods.

So follow low carbohydrate diet plan by taking low energy density foods and staying healthy and slim. Say no to high energy density food that keeps us hungry and still leaves the risk of weight gain.