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Blast Away Your Belly Fat!

Have you noticed that belly fat is the most difficult part of your body to shed – and yet is also the most noticeable?

A healthy body is the key to a healthy mind. When you have the perfect figure to boost your energy, your mind will automatically start working with a positive energy! But of all the body parts the most difficult to lose is probably the flab in your belly. Finally, there’s hope in helping on the war against belly fat.

Belly Fat Caused by Strain?

According to the recent studies made by scientists it’s found that the belly fat is caused more by stress and strain. Your abs have a greater supply of blood and it also receives the cortisol, which is a stress hormone generated in the body. Thus, when one is under a lot of stress these hormone levels become high in the stomach and cause the deposition of more fats. True, that your body structure is dependant on your heredity but it has also been proved that genes are only responsible for 22-55% of your framework. So you cannot really blame your genes all the time!

How to Lose belly fat

It is easy to understand now that a way to lose your belly fat would be to reduce the strain inside you. The best way to lose it would be however to do a combined work of meditation, balanced diet and exercise to gain the desired effect.

Comfort Food or Cholesterol Food

Stress-time food is usually associated with comfort food; one, which makes you feel better. They include cookies; bread and pasta, which are rich in carbohydrates and is responsible to generate more fat in your abdomen. This is the food that builds your belly fat.

One alternative is to follow the Mediterranean diet comprised of fish, nuts seeds, fruits and vegetables. This type of food does not contain the fatty acids, which are found in junk food. Moreover this kind of diet also helps in reducing stress and strain, fighting against stress hormones like cortisol and epinephrine.

Cardio vascular Workout

Along with diet one however needs to follow a strict exercise regime. Abdominal exercises are important, but are not enough. High and low impact cardio-vascular aerobic exercises, which help to burn body fat is what you need. Spot training to reduce cellulite does not always work. For the desired hourglass figure you need total body workout first.

Muscle Toning is helpful

Along with a balanced diet and a daily aerobics workout, now you can concentrate on toning your muscles. By toning your muscle, making them firm – you help reduce the stores of fat. To help lose belly fat you can do abdominal crunches in a daily basis also making sure that a proper breathing is followed. This will help increase your body’s metabolic activities thus reducing fats.

Meditation helps in reducing mental stress

Many people never realize the link between stress and belly fat.

Meditation is needed to reduce mental stress and accordingly to reduce the stress hormone from being generated in the abdomine. Meditation or yoga helps you to direct all your positive energy towards yourself banishing all the negative forces. It teaches you to appreciate yourself, to love your body and to work on it! Now that; the real secret to losing your belly fat.